Friday, January 19, 2018

Love Game by Maggie Wells

Love Game by Maggie Wells is a battle of the sexes, battle of the sports, battle of the salary hate-to-love romance novel.  Does that catch your attention?  Many sports romance novels are light on the sports, but not this novel.  Love Game is full of references and innuendos that will really have you feelings that sporty vibe.  It almost made me feel like I could pick up a basketball and shoot hoops but then I remember I’m incompetent when it comes to any sport not in the water.  Someone ought to send a swimming romance novel my way.

Even if you aren’t a sports fan you’ll find things to love about this novel.  It’s all about a kickass powerful woman throwing her weight around to save the man she loves.  It’s empowering, dramatic, and sexy and with the two main characters Kate and Danny tossing sarcastic comments and pointed insults at one there’s not a dull moment.

Kate Snyder is the coach of the national championship women’s basketball team at her alma mater.  She six feet of blond bombshell but it isn’t her looks that got her where she is now, it’s her talent.  Too bad her pay doesn’t reflect the publicity and money she brings in for the school.  And when a disgraced football coach is hired to work magic on the failing team—making way more than she does—she feels it’s a slap in the face to her success and her gender.  But Danny isn’t exactly what she thought he would be.  All he wants is to start over after his embarrassing fall from grace and work his way back to the top.  The two are constantly bickering with one another and the media is having a field day over their competition with one another.  But you know what they say… where there’s smoke there’s fire.  Soon Danny and Kate can’t keep their hands off of one another.  There’s only one problem.  One of them is going to lose their job over it.

Love Game is tale that feminists will rejoice over.  And the sex won’t disappoint either.  Kate and Danny are incredible together.  There’s nothing better than a couple who can joke around during sex.  I found myself laughing many times over at their quips and comments, even the ones that had to do with sports!  Who knew!  The sex was great, but this is another one of those novels where I was desperate to find out the ending.  I needed to know how this could possibly end the way I wanted it to end so badly.

All in all this was a really fun read that kept me interested from start to finish.  A modern read for a modern world. It's out February 6th, so don't delay & preorder today! (Rhymes are cool).

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  1. Good review. I want to read this, especially this is a mature adult romance.